Is Production of GRP Products Causing Ozone Depletion?

Manufacturers of GRP cable trays are sharing this article to explain how GRP products are environmental friendly and do not cause harm to the environment. Let’s read ist out loud!

Glass fiber production is a closed process that release few emissions to the environment. Resin manufacturing is also a closed process similar to glass fiber production. However, there is a bit chemical risk from the resins but it is not huge. Manufacturers monitor the emissions on a quarterly basis within acceptable limits due to huge investment in the latest closed moulding techniques

What about ozone depletion?

Manufacturers don’t use any ozone-depleting chemical for producing GRP products like dormer windows or canopies. The expanded polyurathene insulation may use a small amount of blowing agent.

GRP has an extremely good environmental profile. Manufacturers use lesser energy to produce GRP products. These products don’t release substances that may harm our environment or make environment toxin-rich. GRP is a durable material and when you buy any product made with GRP material, it provides you break-free performance for years. Moreover, there is no such installing cost involved.

The use of styrene is common in fiberglass production. High level of Styrene emissions causes hazardous air pollution that is harmful to breathe. Manufacturers use gelcoats having less styrene to limit the emission and cause less air pollution.

Use of solvents can also generate harmful by-products that may contaminate the environment. Manufacturers make useful products from GRP materials to avoid generation of hazardous waste.

Wastewater and polluted runoff may release into rivers and groundwater. This may containate the potable water, kill marine life and bring more water born diseases.

Manufacturers are always advised by the specialists for waste management. The team takes good care of waste and manages it by following these ways:

  • Determine the hazardous waste
  • Count the hazardous waste
  • Count the hazardous waste to determine the generator status or condition
  • Label and put production date on waste containers
  • Keep the containers of hazardous waste closed
  • Meet storage time limit restrictions
  • Have a response plan
  • Have a spill prevention

In short, if you are using any grp product, you can have a peace of mind because you are not contributing to environment pollution.

You can buy stuff like GRP cable trays, GRP profiles, and FRP products from manufacturing outlets any time, from anywhere. There are stores delivering the range of products across the world. Contact them and get the best deal.

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