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In What Ways Is Yahoo Better Than Gmail?

Yahoo is a good Email service available nowadays. In the same domain, Gmail too is a shining beacon of light for the users. Both of these provide different features, which can be used by their users. Several questions are being asked by a lot of people among which, quite common is  “Which of the Email service is better? Yahoo or Gmail ”. Frankly speaking, none of these email services are perfect in some or the other sense as each of them have their own set of features and limitation. You can put these features to use; whenever you feel the need to do so. 

Here are some of the amazing features of Yahoo mail that set it apart from Gmail and other email service providers:

1TB Storage:

Yahoo mail offers a whopping 1TB of data storage for all its users. This enables them to store all their Emails at a single place without the need to delete the old emails to accommodate new Emails. Gmail on the other end offers 15GB of free storage, which has all the Google+, Google Drive, Google Docs, and other such data together into it.

Easy Flickr Integration:

Flickr is a very popular image sharing service. Yahoo mail can be easily integrated with Flickr, thereby enabling you to easily share the images with your friends and family with simple clicks. This, in turn, makes the interactions easier and quicker.

Block Address Feature:

Yahoo ensures that you do not get unnecessary Emails. In case, the Yahoo spam filter does not work for you, just block such email address. This ensures that such emails are deleted as soon as they arrive. It also lets you block the emails from certain users as per their email address and other parameters. This can be done by creating filters in Yahoo mail.

Secure login services:

Keeping in mind the security of its users, it provides them with easy and secure logins. With the help of 2-factor authentication, you can log into your account securely. It helps you make sure that no unauthorized person gains access to your account as you need to verify your login every time you log in from an unidentified browser, unidentified device, or unidentified location.

With the recent addition of the account key feature, you can quite easily and securely log into your account.

These features help you make the most out of Yahoo. If you come across any problems while using Yahoo mail, give a call to an authentic Yahoo customer support number, if available on the web and get the problem fixed by experts.

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