If you are truly serious in making your site emerge in the top search results then you need to ensure that you get the top SEO techniques. Well, one of the most vital methods used in SEO is building backlinks. This page will highlight some of the different techniques used to get backlinks and will talk their basics downfalls and merits.

Time to Get quality Backlinks :

Just follow the simple steps to build high quality backlinks and to increase the DA and trust of your site.

Link exchange

A link exchange is normally when a webmaster request a backlinks from your site in return for a backlink from their site. A few years ago this technique of making backlinks was amazing, today links of this nature hold small weight, and therefore your time is better spent looking at other techniques of link building.

Directory submissions

Submitting your site to directories is a must, anyway there is a plethora of online directories (both paid and free), therefore selecting the best directories is very important. You should forever begin with 3 biggest directories, DMOZ; this is a big directory that is utilised by many other sites and managed by volunteer editors.

Social bookmarks

Social bookmarking sites like Furl, Stumble Upon, Digg and Delicious basically permit users to bookmark pages on the internet that they are interested in. Social bookmarks are anyway public; therefore the more people that bookmark your site the more famous it will become and therefore the rank will improve.


The idea is to begin your own blog (Wordpress or Blogger are the 2 main blog websites), ensure you update it regularly and make amazing and compelling content. A blog can then get a life of its own, earning PR and ultimately permitting you to make backlinks to your site.

Article marketing

Article sites such as Ezine articles will publish special articles that you have written, in turn you may have 2 self serving links in the Authors resource box. This is a remarkable way of building links. It will improve your website traffic and rank in a very short time. Bear in mind, the article must be informative and unique otherwise it may not get published, and even if it does it could have a harmful effect on your business if the content is no best.

Press Releases

The final technique of link building considered here is through online press releases. This is a best way of building backlinks providing you have something interesting to write about. There are various sites such as Free-Press-Release, PRZoom, PRWeb that will permit you to submit press releases with links in them.

Wrapping it up !!

So guys these are some of the basic techniques to get backlinks fast. These links help you in building the Domain Authority ( DA ) and trust of your site. So please do not ignore them.

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