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How to Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Following the recent political and science news coverage from across the pond, surrounding the issue of global warming, many people have expressed concern about the future of the environment.

One way that we can take back control of our own carbon footprint to do our share to help, is to make small changes around the home. This is often the best place to start and over time these changes will not only benefit your bank balance, but also help the natural world.

With so many products currently available on the market which shout about their low impact on the environment and sustainability, it’s often hard to know which ones are the real deal and which ones are just gimmicks. With this in mind,, the UK’s No. 1 Property Marketplace, have compiled a beginners guide to helping our homes to go green. 

Calculate Your Current Energy Usage

The first port of call to living green is to calculate your energy use. There are lots of websites that offer a free energy calculator service, so that you can work out exactly how eco-friendly you are currently living. Once you have done your calculations, you can then work on ways to reduce your carbon footprint and reach your house’s green potential, by making some adjustments. 

Unplugging electronic devices when they are not in use

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make your home more green is to watch out for energy sucking electronic devices. If you have extension leads and numerous other electric devices plugged in, they will still draw energy from the grid even if they are switched off. So make sure to check your home before you leave in the morning, to make sure the unnecessary items are not plugged into sockets and are switched off. 

Solar Panels

We are all aware of the growing trend of solar panels across the UK and with the government backing their use, this technology is definitely here to stay. 

However, there aren’t many people who know where to go to get one installed on their home. The best place to check your home’s suitability and to get a quote for online is to visit .  


On average the UK home wastes 4.2m tonnes of food and drink every year that could have been consumed. Food waste takes up roughly 20% of landfill space and releases methane, a greenhouse gas, when it decomposes. 

Never fear, organisations such as Love Food Hate Waste, have useful guides online to help you plan meals, shop smarter and use leftovers to make a difference. Another way to do this is to re-cycle un-eaten food, peelings and discarded items from food preparation, by turning it into compost. 

There are many outdoor composting solutions available on the market, to help you towards a greener future. As we know technology is improving all of the time and soon to be released in the US is the Zera indoor composting system. So now you no longer have to deal with taking your leftovers outside, you can put them into the kitchen bin style composter instead. 


Unfortunately we are restricted in choosing suppliers for our broadband and internet, as this often depends on our location in the UK, as to which one will guarantee a better service. However, there is a way to make your internet use at home a lot greener, by browsing through an eco search engine. Ecosia, is a search engine that plants trees with its advertising revenue, to cut back on their carbon footprint and to date they have planted within the region of 6,273,821 trees. With thanks to Clare Sleemen.

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