Honey is one of the most amazing natural food substances in the world. It is a rich source of natural sugars like glucose and fructose, it also contains antioxidants, minerals and essential vitamins. You are better off with honey than you are with white sugar. Honey just can’t go wrong, incorporating it in your daily diet takes you further away from various diseases. All thanks to the bees for this god-sent medicine. The importance of honey to our existence is simply endless, ranging from its sweetening tendency to its medicinal value but for this article I am going to talk about the role honey plays in our skincare. We always seek out for expensive and synthetic facial creams and body scrubs but one of the best and cheapest ways to cater for our skin is with natural honey. I will show you why.

Natural skin moisturizer: Honey is a natural humectant. It is gyroscopic like glycerine. This means honey helps to keep our skin hydrous for long periods making It smooth and soft. Massage your body with one teaspoon of natural honey. After, leave it for about 15 minutes, then rinse off with fresh water.

Pore cleanser: The enzymes and antibacterials contained in honey helps in tightening or clearing your skin of pores. Consistent application of honey is good because with honey in your pores it will prevent the blackheads or pimple rearing its ugly head. Another similar alternative is lemon.

Exfoliator: Honey contains organic acids like the gluconic acid which accelerates the shedding of dead skin cells like a scrub. You can exfoliate your skin two or three times a week using honey and baking powder. Baking powder will offer light exfoliation and honey will help with skin smoothening better than any facial cream out there. Don’t be hesitant to apply on all parts of your body.

Acne Remover: Presence of acne on our skin can be very embarrassing. This is caused by oil build up and dirts. Honey clears even the most stubborn acnes with its anti-bacterial properties. You can either apply raw, directly on the acne at night or use it in making an anti-acne spot treatment concoction. According to a popular dermatologist, this works as a facial cream for most people who are allergic to most popular brands.

Anti-aging agent: Honey can act as an anti-aging cream properties to its vitamin and amino acid contents, exfoliation and skin repairing action. Using honey helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It achieves this using its anti-inflammatory property to slow down the skin degeneration process. If you want to maintain your youthfulness, add honey to your daily diet.

Scar remover: A flawless skin is devoid of scars. The annoying part is, they don’t fade out easily but you can speed up the process by using — yes, you guessed right — honey. Apply raw honey on the area and bandage it before bed, in the morning remove the bandage and cleanse. Repeat this process and watch the scar become a thing of the past.

Others: In the summer, our hairs receive brutal beating after exposure to sun, humidity, salt water. Honey hair-based treatment is used to condition the split-ends and shine lackluster locks. Also, sunburns can be treated with honey. Those craving glowing skins engage in bath treatment i.e. taking luxurious baths in milk and honey, Cleopatra was famous for this.

Final word

I know the list compiled above is an eye-opener to many skincare enthusiasts. Most of us probably just used honey as sweeteners before now. Not only is honey one of the best natural skincare products available, it has virtually no side effects. Same can’t be said for some synthetic skincare products available today. There is a lot of research going into the use of honey as a skin care product with major brands pumping funds into research. Did you see the Shark Tank Face Cream Episode? Smaller entrepreneurs going on shows like Shark Tank to seek funding for their honey-based face cream and skincare products. Things are going to be shaken up in the cosmetics industry soon.

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  • Courtney Dercqu
    Courtney Dercqu Influencer
    5mo ago

    I never knew this could be used to speed up the fading process for scars. I once burned myself really bad after spilling a bowl of soup on my foot years ago it took years for the red, hideous bump to fade away. I wish I knew this sooner.

    I never knew this could be used to speed up the fading process for scars. I once burned myself really bad after spilling a bowl of soup on my foot years ago it took years for the red, hideous bump to fade away. I wish I knew this sooner.

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