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Healthgenie Pepper Spray pack of Four Online at best Price in India

Healthgenie Pepper Spray pack of Four

Healthgenie Pepper spray is a self defense spray to guard oneself at times of atrocities and attacks. It comprises of oleoresin Capsicum and extracts from extremely hot red chillies. Healthgenie pepper spray on direct contact with eyes leads to immense burning and excruciating pain to eyes and further causes unbearable sneezing and coughing. You just to hold it at arm’s length (minimum distance 4 feet), aim on attacker’s face and spray. It is a major a step in self defense and self protection. This pack of allows you to keep one piece handy at all places- bag, purse, car, office drawer, etc. Small and easy to carry around, pepper sprays have become the most sought after self defense mechanism.


* Keep away from the reach of children.
* Incase of direct exposure rinse off immediately with fresh running water and soap and expose to fresh air.
* Use no cream or ointments on the affected areas in order to avoid further pain or aggravating the injury.


The use of pepper spray is advisable only under self defence circumstances.
It is legally permissible under IPC sections 96,97,102,105 and 106

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