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Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator online in India at best price.

Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator HG501-5 LPM is a sophisticated equipment which is specifically designed for domestic use. It is an electronically driven equipment that segregates oxygen from your room air. It further offers high accumulation of oxygen to you via a nasal cannula. 

According to various clinical surveys oxygen concentrator is similar to various other oxygen distribution systems. It comes along with a user manual that makes it’s functioning and usage easy to comprehend for the user. The oxygen concentrator was specifically designed to minimize routine preventive maintenance at intervals of once per year. 

Only professionals of the healthcare field or persons fully conversant with this process such as authorized or factory trained personnel should perform preventive maintenance or performance adjustments on the oxygen concentrator.

Accessories List:

1. Nasal oxygen cannula: 1 set

2. Filter core: 1 set

3. Humidifier bottle: 1 set

4. Humidifier bottle adapter (including tube): 1 set

5. Manual: 1 piece

Warranty :

* We provide a 24 Month warranty with this oxygen concentrator. (Applicable only in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi).

* You will require a submission of 1000/- at the time of installation.

* For city other than Delhi, we offer an exclusive off site warranty along with the product.

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