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Healthgenie Drive 4112M Treadmill with massager & twister

Healthgenie Drive 4112 M

 Healthgenie Drive 4112 M is a sophisticated treadmill with a low noise DC drive motor and delivers a good enough speed range of 1-14 km/hr. 

 It further comprises of quality speakers that makes your treadmill less boring. 

 Simply running on the treadmill apparently kills your mood after some time due to which Healthgenie has incorporated massager and sit up with this edition. 

 This massager and sit up dual function enables you to take time off and get an absolute and perfect massage. 

 It has a running belt dimension 420 x 1235 mm and can easily bear weight upto 110 kgs. 

 This treadmill has 2 steps manual incline which provides you to explore options. 

 It is enabled with 12 programs that makes the user try on different modes while hitting the treadmill. 

 Healthgenie treadmill has a bright blue LCD display and showcases multiple actions such as speed, distance, time, calorie, heart rate, race track etc.


 *  It Has motor power of 2 HP With Speed Range 1-14 km/hr.

 *  It Is enable With 5 in 1 function to offer you an exemplary massage at the luxury of your own home.

 *  User Weight - Max user Weight: 110 kg and Programs - 12 preset programs.

 *  It has a bright blue display that offers time, distance, calories and heart rate. 

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