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Healthgenie BP Monitor digital Upper arm BPM02T

Healthgenie BP Monitor BPM02T is a sophisticated blood pressure monitor and pulse rate reading machine. It's  a digital upper arm blood pressure monitor with sufficient memory and accuracy. It is made of incredible quality. This Blood Pressure monitor is small and can be easily carried when your on the move. It gives you the correct reading. This monitor has alkaline batteries. It also works with AC power. It is convenient and user friendly. This monitor is handy and can be easily maintained.

Product Overview

* It helps the blind and visually impaired to make health checks independently as the monitor also gives voice output.
* Monitor is designed with 46.4×62.7 mm LCD screen with large size that easily indicates the result.
* The digital monitor is quite handy, easy to use and easy to maintain.
* 4 AAA Batteries are Included with this package.* AC adapter has to be bought separately.
* These BP monitors are most accurate , as far as technology is concerned , however , this is a great device for home measuring BP trends , with correct use.

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