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Healthgenie BP Monitor BPM

Healthgenie BP monitor BPM 04 KBL is specifically designed to measure the blood pressure and pulse rate of an individual. It uses oscillometric method in measuring blood pressure. This digital upper arm blood pressure monitor has good accuracy, dependability, durability and credibility. It has an “automatic off” feature which aids an individual to function easily and also has a good memory storage.

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This Blood Pressure monitor works in order to get correct diagnosis at any place at any time and it will act efficiently. It works in order to detect blood pressure flow across the artery and convert the flow into digital reading. It does not cause any discomfort to the user by inflation settings. It is a digital monitor which is quite handy, easy to use and easy to maintain. This Healthgenie BP monitor is environment friendly and can be taken anywhere and everywhere.   





  Blood Pressure monitor

Cuff  arms      

 22.0-36.0 cms. 


 30-180 beat/minute


 +/-5% pulse with +/-3mmHg pressure.


  60 records for two people  LCD screen     
 102.1 x 68.9 mm

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