Family Tree Frame. Upcycling the Artistic Way

We all understand how recycling works with heavy machines breaking down objects into materials that can then be melted down and fashioned into something else, but there is a growing trend to upcycle things. This is when someone changes the function of maybe a broken object by converting it into something else entirely. We all have broken pieces of things around the home or random object that can be taken from ordinary to extraordinary with a little imagination. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing to see what upcycling you can discover in your own home.

Rope Art

The mind of an artist is a special one. The average person sees an object as merely its intended function, but to an artist they are able to see the potential of what the object can be. Take the standard rope for instance. A rope is a simple object of woven fibres with the intent of pulling, hanging, or tying another object up. It is a simple device with a great many uses, but seemingly no artistic merit.

In the hand of an artist the rope transforms into both a beautiful and functional piece of art. Artists are winding pieces of ordinary ropes around onto themselves to make beautiful bowls, cups, and even lamps that are glazed, painted, and can be used just like the store bought variety. The great thing about these vessels and lamps is that they are not subject to breakage like with average objects of the same function.

Blue Jean Art

Almost everyone has a favourite pair of jeans within their wardrobe. In some form or another blue jeans are always in fashion, but the material is not indestructible and can wear out over time. A pair of worn out jeans is of little use so the average person will throw them out. In the hands of an artist jeans can be given new life instead of ending up in the dumpster.

Artists have used the material for many years to make a number of pieces, but the trend has taken a particular hold this year with people breathing new life into their old jeans by fashioning them into handbags, pillows, and even wallets for everyday use. Although many of the objects made are intended for children some people are adding accessories to turn the blue jeans from a childish fashion into upscale fashion forward objects.

Furniture Flipped

For the most part furniture is just furniture. From time to time a piece will become damaged and have to be put on the curb for the waste collectors to gather, but the next time you have a piece in disrepair look at it from a different angle and see what it could be.

Artists and crafters alike are taking upcycling to an entirely new level by breathing new life into these broken pieces and turning them into both beautiful and functional pieces for use around the home. Old drawers are being painted and changed into geometric wall shelving and even vintage suitcases being fashioned into artfully adorned one of kind chairs for home use. The market for flipped furniture is truly endless. You are only limited by your imagination.

Unique Mirrors

A mirror is a standard object in most homes. People will spend a lot of money on designer mirrors, but there is little need in purchasing high end mirrors with all the projects that can be made out of standard mirror glass. A piece of mirrored glass is very inexpensive and people are attaching all sorts of things to it in order to make a unique mirror in their home for a fraction of what it would cost to buy a high priced massed produced version of the same thing.

Some of the ideas are ideal for kid’s rooms, such as gluing small cars all around the perimeter of the mirror for use in a boy’s room. There are other ideal that will pertain to the more sophisticated adult spaces. For this type of mirror inexpensive crystals can be glued on to add a fashionable flare to any room

The world of upcycling is an amazing one. There is truly no limit to what can be done with ordinary objects. The trick is to train your mind to look at the potential of an object rather than it’s intended use.

 Where the average person sees a piece of paper as a means to write on, the fabulous artists at Twenty Fingers see how to cut away pieces in order to bring out the paper’s potential and make a family tree frame. Just check an array of artistic pieces awaiting you in their gallery. Take a little time and have a look around. You will not be sorry and you are certain to find a papercut that is perfect for the one you love.

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