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Equinox Glass Digital Weighing Scale online at Healthgenie.in

Equinox glass digital weighing scale EB-9300 is stylishly designed to give accurate results. Digital scale has a large platform which provides adequate foot space to stand on it and get accurate results. Scale is designed stylishly by using tough tempered glass which is designed beautifully with back printing and bright silver lining. 

Equinox glass digital weighing scale has 2 inch easy to red LCD display which makes it more convenient for users to view the results clearly. Scale is made by using sensor gauge technology users simply need to step on it to get the instant readings. It has auto on/off feature it automatically turns off within 5 seconds after the user steps down from the platform.

Directions To Use:

1. Set-up the weighing scale by placing its battery at the battery ports.
2. Position the scale properly at a hard, flat and even surface.
3. Scale is designed using latest technology, No need to tap on the scale before weighing.
4. Simply step on the scale and get instant readings on large LCD display.

Please Note: Digital scale is specially designed for less power consumption having auto off pre-setting, which automatically turns off the scale withing 5 seconds when not in use. Keep weighing regularly to keep a check on your weight and track your progress.

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