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MissMalaprop Speaker, Artist and Author.
6d New Orleans, LA, United States Product
Cultivate Diversity womens graphic tee

Diversity doesn't just happen. It must be cultivated.

Seek to surround yourself with those different than you. Different in their background, thoughts and experiences. Seek to put yourself outside of your comfort zone, because in doing so, you will become richer for it.

Cultivate diversity.

This "Cultivate Diversity" graphic tee is a great gift for progressives, liberals, feminists, social justice warriors and #BadassCreatives. This WOMEN'S SCOOPNECK graphic t-shirt is custom-printed to order on your choice of t-shirt color.

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Speaker, Artist and Author.

As a lifelong learner, I am passionate about creativity, innovation, education and critical thinking skills. I believe in cultivating diversity, in all its forms. I believe that one person can make a difference and that everyone can be that person.

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