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Best Guidelines to Follow when Buying a Car Jack for You

Every person who has owned a car in their lifetime has changed their car’s tire at some point in their life. Every expert or a layman says that a spare tire is a necessity in every car in a case to avoid mishaps but also along with that the second most important tool for the replacement job is the car jack. Without the help of a car jack, you cannot change a car tire or explicitly explained; you cannot lift the vehicle off the ground.

These best car jack and jack stands are not for just changing a tire. But it completes the whole floor space to a mobile automotive workshop within minutes. It enables the users and mechanics to perform the maintenance and vehicle repairs right in your driveway.

When you are changing your spare tire on the side of your road or in the garage, then a thing is sure, and that is you have to get at least one wheel off the ground. This moment is where a good quality jack comes in.

A high-quality jack will have the strength to lift your vehicle without it gets being damaged. It will also offer the accurate lift distance, the right weight, and easy movement.

Here are few guidelines to be followed when buying a good car jack for you.  

•    The capacity over here is the term given to the weight which a car jack can carry and rated for your vehicle’s weight. There are jack options of 2-tons, 3-tons, 3.5 tons and more which carry heavier vehicles. You need to look for a good car jack which is suitable for your vehicle’s weight.

•    The next essential guideline for purchasing a Jack is checking the weight of the jack. Most of the floor jacks are heavy, but some are even heavier. You must consider buying an Arcan floor jack according to your needs, whether it is to store in your car or your garage. The weight of the jack affects as how easy it will be to carry them.

•    Most of the car jacks have wheels on them but not all the wheels are created equally. If the jack you are using is for your garage or shop, make sure that it provides easy movements. But if your plans are to buy a jack for the roads i.e. on the go, then you need to provide yourself with a model which has a wide, flat bottom for better stability.

•    You must also check of car jacks which can measure of how high your car can get raised safely. Most of the buyers require that kind of jacks which provide you an adequate amount of room space under your car when raised so that it gives you enough of room space to do what you require to do safely.

•     You must also remember that the wheel/suspension play adds to the lift distance needed and taller the vehicle the higher should be the lift distances of the jacks. You need to pay attention to the number of pistons as well as the dual piston jacks can get to the full height more quickly than a single piston model. We must ensure that it doesn’t have any impact on its operation, but it just has to the speed of lifting.

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