4 Most Effective Exercise Machines That You Should Use Daily

Be it losing weight or having a stronger and fitter body; you need to work hard. There is no easy way to lose weight and get fitter. First of all, you need to have strong determination to become successful in your health and fitness goal. Very often people start with lots of enthusiasm, and when they see things are quite hard, they quit. It does not mean that you need to start working hard from the first day. If you try to get results too quick, chances are you will find things very hard for you. So, you need to go slow and gradually increase your fitness training.  In this article, I am going to introduce you with four most effective exercise machines. Using these machines on a regular basis should make your fitter, stronger and slimmer.


When you admit yourself in a gym, a treadmill one of the fitness machines, you will want to use. It is the exercise machine that burns the most calories of any cardiovascular machines available today. Walking briskly for an hour on a treadmill you can expect to lose around 100 calories. If you can run, it can be even better. If you are overweight, only walking should do for you. As you lose weight, you can slowly increase your speed. Thus, treadmill remains one of the most effective exercise machines out there.

Vertical Climber

A vertical climber is a machine that simulates the rock climbing. This is not perfect for a beginner because it takes lots of energy. Using a vertical climber will do a perfect strengthening of your muscles and joints in the body. The calorie burning rate is pretty high with a vertical climber.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are advanced cardiovascular machines. Many think they are for the only upper body which is not. Rowing machines require a perfect coordination of your arms and legs. To support and protect your back, you need to engage your core abdominal muscles while using a rowing machine. This is definitely not a machine for beginners, but it can effectively burn lots of calories when you are ready to use it.

Stationary Bikes

While a stationary bike is not as effective as a treadmill or a vertical climber, it is a great choice for people with knee pain because it offers the least impact on the knee joints. On an average, you can burn around 25 calories per hour using a stationary bike.

Final Note

You must start with free-weight exercises and body-weight exercises first before slowly moving to exercise machines. Once you are ready to use the exercise machines, make sure you use all four machines mentioned above on a daily basis. But having said that there are exercise machines and equipment that you should avoid.   

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  • danaehwsuihk
    5mo ago

    Treadmill and rowing machine are my 2 favorite ones. Great for worming up before using weights

    Treadmill and rowing machine are my 2 favorite ones. Great for worming up before using weights

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