United States Olympic Committee
United States Olympic Committee The United States Olympic Committee is a federally chartered nonprofit corporation.
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This department will provide logistical support to all USOC divisions during multi-sport events, such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and other complex or multi-departmental events at the request of the organizer, such as White House Visit. This team will oversee organization strategies for air travel, transportation planning, freight and shipping programs, housing and lodging coordination, and the coordination and strategy of Games event tickets.   This position will oversee all efforts with an aim to improve efficiency in the organization and reduce costs. This position has three direct reports – Associate Director Logistics, Manager Logistics and Travel Manager.

Primary duties and responsibilities include the following:

1.    Oversee the development of air travel strategies to maximize efficiency and minimize cost and improve cross-departmental communication.

·        Supervise the Associate Director Logistics, Travel Manager and any temporary staff to ensure coordination of effort

·        Supervise and manage relationships between the Marketing division, USOC departments, airline sponsor and travel agency

·        Own, develop and manage the travel manifest to ensure maximum usefulness for all departments

·        Determine and implement temporary staffing plans to meet all workload and customer expectations

 2.    Develop organization strategy for Games event ticket purchases to maximize efficiency and minimize excess inventory.

·        Serve as primary point with the OCOG and ATR for ticket purchases

·        Primary communication responsibility with the organization for strategy and process, including risk analysis

·        Develop and execute plan to sell and distribute excess inventory

·        Develop plan for utilization of ticket inventory tracking software and ensure all departments comply with the strategy

·        Minimize cost to the organization for excess tickets

 3.    Lead/oversee the shipping and freight effort for the organization. Act as primary contact with USOC shipping partner for all events.

·        Oversee the creation of the shipping plan for all designated events

·        Coordinate and communicate planning with all USOC divisions to maximize efficiency and minimize costs

·        Manage the relationship and contract negotiations with designated shipping/freight forward sponsor and/or contractor, including oversight of imbedded contractor at our facility

·        Collaborate with the Associate Director, Finance and Service Operations for optimal use of USOC warehouse personnel regarding planning, scheduling, support, etc

 4.    Oversee the development and execution of a strategic and comprehensive ground transportation plan all USOC divisions.

·        Oversight of coordinated efforts to procure contracts as necessary, i.e., sponsors, bus and/or car rental agencies, etc., and manage relationship with designated sponsors and/or contractors.

·        Collaborate with USOC divisions to minimize costs and maximize efficiency

 5.    Oversee the strategic development of housing inventory management plans, including sport outside housing, games villages, and staff hotels and designated events.

·        Coordinate with all USOC divisions the processes, needs assessments and plans for housing/hotel needs at designated events

·        Oversee the creation and communication of a master organization plan, with an aim to reduce excess inventory

 6.    Be a champion in the organization for any logistical needs, training others in efficient methods, providing standard templates, etc. Look for other ways a centralized coordinated effort could save resources.

7.    Supervise three direct FTEs to ensure coordination and workload efficiency.

8.    Plan for, coordinate, and manage interns and temporary staff during heavy workload periods leading into events.

9.    Participate in organizational strategic and tactical planning for logistical support as requested.

10. Perform other duties as assigned.

As the steward of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in the United States, the U.S. Olympic Committee is dedicated to supporting U.S. athletes achieve sustained competitive excellence. To fulfill this mission, the USOC recognizes the need to increase diversity and ensure the inclusion of all U.S. citizens.

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United States Olympic Committee
The United States Olympic Committee is a federally chartered nonprofit corporation.

United States Olympic Committee: Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., the United States Olympic Committee serves as both the National Olympic Committee and National Paralympic Committee for the United States. As such, the USOC is responsible for the training, entering and [...]

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